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Baccarat Introduction
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Baccarat Introduction
baccarat table Baccarat is a quite simple poker game. There are two major spots, the BANKER and the PLAYER. The dealer will deal cards to both the Banker and the Player spots, the one get closest to "9" is the winner.
Example: - cards 2, 7 added is 9
- a picture card plus 9 equals 9
- cards 5, 5, 9 = 19; counts as 9
TIE, there is another spot on the table, bets on Tie win when Banker & Player have the same points.
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Baccarat Pay Table Palace Of Chance Casino
  • TIE winning pays 8 to 1. (e.g bet $10 on Tie and wins $80)
  • PLAYER winning pays 1 to 1 even money.
  • BANKER winning - casinos charge commission on winning bets on BANKER. Usually casinos will charge 5% commission (e.g $100 winning bet on Banker and wins $95), this is a common way of charging commission for many land-based casinos and online casinos.

    There are situations that is hard to calculate winning commission, say if someone bets $175 or $325 on Banker, it's not easy to calculate the payout in mind for 95% of $175 or $325.

    Event-Money Baccarat:
    In consider the difficulty of calculating commission, some casinos start charging commissions in a different way which is much quicker for dealers to do the payouts, that is winnings on Banker still pays 1 to 1, but if you bet on Banker and Banker wins on the points of 6, you only get pay 1 to 2 (e.g bet $100 on Banker and wins $50). Many land-based casinos start to use this payout structure because it gets the game running quicker.

  • Trend & Pattern - The Master-Art Of Baccarat
    This is the most interesting and beautiful part of baccarat game.
    If you have been to a baccarat table at any hometown casino, you can see that in EVERY baccarat table (no exception), that players are holding a record-sheet and writing down the past winning hands. Players are trying to analyse opened hands and finding a pattern or trend for coming winning hands.

    You may think that it is ridiculous, but if you asked any long-termed baccarat players, they can tell you that they have seen a lot of patterns and how they won big money when the time they betted on the right pattern trends.

    The most exciting pattern I have seen is, continousely opened over 25 hands in the pattern of 1 BANKER & 2 PLAYER winning hands (e.g the winning hands are B,P,P,B,P,P,B,P,P...). Players at the table started to believe the parttern when the tenth hand is opened and started betting on that trend. It was a $50 table (minimun $50 per bet) and there were over 30 players there, you can image how much winning that could be, they have won all the chips in that table, that was a very exciting moment.
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